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Our algae photobioreactor systems

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Algae form the basic component of food chains in the global ecosystems. Microalgae are of great impact and need to be nurtured and further cultivated. They are precious, yet affordable. They are indispensable and to be treasured. That’s why we call them gems.

Enhancing the nutritional value of food and animal feed

Algae are the primary provider of unique marine molecules that play an essential role in our food chain. Algae are a sustainable source of these ingredients. Algae will help to secure a sustainable and efficient food future without compromising on quality and nutritional value.

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Valuable products from biotechnology of microalgae

Many industries already use high valued algae products, for instance in cosmetic, nutraceutical, pharma; some examples of ingredients are: Phycocyanin (blue food colouring pigment),  Astaxanthin (Red powerful antioxidant for nutraceuticals, aquaculture and pharma), B-Carotene (Orange antioxidant for nutraceuticals) and EPA/DHA (Fish free Long-chain Omega-3-unsaturated fatty acids)

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Unlocking the health potential of microalgae

More and more research is showing that algae are the number one producer of healthy biological ingredients. In comparison, nowadays, most of our medicine finds its origin in terrestrial plants. Algae are more abundant and have more diverse compositions and levels of active compounds. Algae have protein levels similar to meat and fatty acid profiles like fresh fish; all in all they are healthier than any other food we consume.

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The Lgem Algae Hub

Allow us to introduce you to our newest Lgem Algae Hub.


This is how Lgem works

It’s our goal to deliver the best solutions and lower your investment risk. Good preparation and assistance will give you the best possible start of your operation.

Research and innovation

 At our Lgem Algae Hub, we can demonstrate and share the full experience of our newest algae technologies. In our hub you have the possibility to test and try, a must-have for any scale-up. Testing is supervised and executed by an expert team comprised by us or by your own operators.

Stable, reliable and trusted

Our systems offer some huge advantages, making them the best the industry can get. All of our systems are equipped with our proprietary bubblebrush™ and Wavywind™ technology. These allow our systems to operate without biofouling and at a super stable PH level. Lgem systems have the lowest energy demand of any tubular photobioreactor system available.

Our newest generation systems are fully automated and seamlessly integrated into an up – and downstream process. Integration and automation make growing algae much more effortless. In addition, the new AI modules will aid in much faster improvement and higher yields.

Lgem PBR's technology offer:

  • Risk-free, stable and reliable systems
    Lgem PBRs are a robust and proven technology with a solid track record.
  • Operational costs and expenses are low.
    Low consumption of energy (< 150 W/m3) combined with a minimal loss of water, minimal labour costs and, minimal maintenance requirements.
  • A smart design
    Lgem’s are designed on the same propriety basic concept and are effective under many different conditions.
  • High quality
    Lgem’s can deliver consistently highquality biomass due to the industry best mass transfer, hygienic design and prevention of fouling.
  • High output
    High productivities at high biomass concentrations -due to excellent mass transfer (O2 removal and CO2 supply) and a stable pH over the entire photobioreactor- combined with efficient light usage.
  • Versatile
    Lgems systems have broad applicability, and the PBR’s can grow any microalgae species, even the most fragile
  • Exceptional hygiene
    All the Lgem PBRs have an exceptional hygienic design resulting in the highest uptime in the industry. The pilot and lab-scale PBR are available in a heat-tolerant (70o 75oC) version allowing for pasteurisation.
  • Ease of use
    Lgem PBRs stabile process allows for simple and hassle-free operation.
  • Smart measurement and control
    Lgem systems are equipped with detailed measurement and intuitive control, providing data collection, automated and integrated management of the facility and allowing for Machine Learning.
  • time in the industrie. The pilot and lab scale PBR are available in a heat-tolerant (70 -75oC) version allowing for pasteurisation


We pride ourselves in our partnerships, and together we can go to the next level.

Lgem is a worldwide authority in systems for growing algae.