Type Closed tubular PBR, 32 mm x 2.2 mm Glass Pipes
Module Stainless Steel Frame (316), circulation vessel (2 L), 2 Glass valves, a linear air pump, switch cabinet with a web interfaced logging, measurement and control unit. Measurement of pH and control of CO2 injection Measurement of temperature
Extra demands Please contact us so that we can incorporate your wishes
Artificial lights LED or fluorescent
Power supply 230 VAC 50 Hz/ 110 VAC 60 Hz
CO2 supply To be delivered by the client on site. Compressed CO2
(0.5 -1 bar, min 10L/min)
Medium Supply To be provided by the client
Optional cooling coil Glass in circuit from circulation tank
Harvesting To be provided by the client
Climate at site of use 0 – 180º C
Operat. Temp. rang 0 – 180º C
Foundation System should be placed on a leveled floor. Exact leveling with adjustable feet
Total volume 25 liter (approximately 20 liter work volume)
Net. floor space 2200 x 500 x 1250mm (LxWxH)
Tube length 37m
Illuminated area 3.7 m²
Cleaning procedure CIP (Cleaning In Place). Protocols will be provided. Steam/heat sterilizable
Usage In this photobioreactor you can cultivate for example Phaeodactylum Tricornutum and Rhodomonas and of course other microalgae species
Please contact us for further information