The easy-to-operate GemTube™ PBR system makes it possible for anyone to produce algae at low cost

LGem PBR’s use a revolutionary combination of LGem’s patented technologies

This groundbreaking technology uses waves and a high velocity air flow that resembles the surf in the ocean.

It allows a stream of air to travel at twice the velocity of the culture fluid. The fast air stream creates eddies on the liquid surface and a unique stirring effect that gives the desired light-dark cycle, below 1 Hertz.

The bubbles accompanying the waves keep the wall of the tubes clear of fouling. This improves the quality and productivity of the culture.

Advantages of closed PBRs

  • Closed systems are hygienic: the culture is not exposed to contaminants from the environment. This enables the production of high quality biomass.
  • In a closed system growth conditions can be controlled much better.
  • Because of the effective illumination biomass yields are high compared to open ponds.
  • Higher productivity per liter of culture makes down-stream processes more efficient.

A GemTube™ consists of

  • Circulation tank
  • Pumpset (air and liquid)

  • pH / temperature probe

  • Switch cabinet

  • Cloudbased measurement and control

We offer systems made from high-grade
Schott glass in combination with the best components from GF+.

GemTube™ PBRs have even more advantages

Stabile and reliable

  • Robust proven technology with a track record.
  • Simple process control (with remote control), just pH-control in the basic version.

Low cost of ownership

  • Extremely low energy consumption (< 150 W / m3).
  • Limited loss of CO2 (3-4 Kg CO2 to produce 1 Kg biomass DW).

  • No loss of water.
  • Efficient use of available light as a result of the Wavywind effect.
  • Easy to operate and to clean via CIP.

  • Option to operate even without a circulation pump for fragile species (dual operation mode).

  • Competitive pricing.

High output

  • High growth rates, biomass concentration and purity levels.Robust proven technology with a track record.

  • Prevention of fouling because of Bubblebrush technology.

  • No growth inhibition as a result of excessive amounts of dissolved oxygen.

  • Very high productivity due to short downtimes for maintenance or CIP cleaning.

  • Easy to drain, clean and disinfect.

And… GemTube™ PBRs are innovative, flexible and scalable

The biggest innovation in our PBRs is the way we operate the system.

Where as conventional tubular PBRs are completely filled with water, GemTubes™ have two fases (gas and liquid). LGem’s unique and patented process in combination with LGem design, allows for much lower energy consumption than in conventional tubular PBRs wihout compromise. LGem PBR’s are the world standard when it comes to low energy need, the prevention of bio-fouling,  good mass-transfer getting rid of oxygen without loss of CO2.  

On the material side we have made huge innovations in both cost reduction as in hygiene and scalability, thanks to our partner GF+. For instance we use innovative materials. Like PP- tri-clamps that contribute to easy installation and outstanding hygiene. LGem GemTubes can all be constructed to allow for heat treatment at 70C or 158F. Important for food production.

LGem technology can be adapted to your individual PBR plant design, even for large scale operations. Up-scaling is unlimited and because of the modular design of our systems, ths allows us to copy paste.

A major operational innovation is the fact that our systems can run in two modes, air only or air assisted with a liquidpump. This unique option makes GemTube systems suitable for the most fragile species like Rhodamonas and Dunaliella as well as for species that precipitate easy. 

Single Mode

Air Only Air pump (liquid pump can be shut-off in this mode)
Liquid/gas volume ratio: Approx. 66% liquid volume and 34% gas

Special mode for fragile species and low energy consumption

Dual Mode

Air- and liquid pump Air pump and liquid pump operating at the same time
Liquid/gas volume ratio: Approx. 85% liquid volume and 15% gas volume

Mode for species that easily settle and therefore require higher liquid velocities to keep the cells suspend

All these innovations combined make GemTubes the most versatile tubular photobioreactors in the market

  • We deliver from 10 weeks

  • Give a 5 year life expectancy on the PVC pipes for indoor use and at least 15 years on glass tubes

  • We offer training in order to achieve our production standards and your yield

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