LGem holds over 10 years of hands-on experience with Nannochloropsis Gaditana, and many other species. This allows LGem to offer a solid basis of experience

Freeze-dried algae powder from LGem’s R&D facility was sold all over the world as a food supplement. To prevent competition with its customers, LGem now leaves the algae production to our GemTube customers.

LGem’s production allowed LGem to validate and further improve its technology. These valuable years of practical experience resulted in the development of the unique and patented Wavywind™ and Bubblebrush™, two-phase tubular photobioreactors.

As basis of the foodchain microalgae are of great impact on

  • Food
  • Feed

  • Ingredients

  • Pigments & Anti-oxidants

That’s why we call them gems.

LGem has experienced most things that others are exploring now

In 2009 LGem started a R&D collaboration with Georg Fischer, a global leader in industrial piping systems, to further improve and commercialise the technology.

The combination of LGem’s unique process and Georg Fischer’s innovative materials resulted in the market introduction of the GemTube™ photobioreactors. Top quality without compromises made affordable. GemTube™ PBRs range from 25 to 18.000 liters.

LGem believes that algae have a bright future. To meet current and future demand, there’s need for affordable low energy and low labor intensive, hygienic, scalable,  easy to use, stable and robust cultivation systems. That’s where LGem’s GemTubes stand for!

At LGem’s former greenhouse facilities in The Hague, LGem produced commercially profitable algae, designed, developed and tested new innovations. Now at LGem’s current location in Rotterdam the development and design continues. LGem installs GemTubes™ all over the world. LGem’s continuous technological progress and worldwide field of experience allows for maximal support of your production process.

LGem still cultivates microalgae for test purposes.

LGem can test  your algae in our GemTube RD1-25 and RD1-250 GemTube system.

Because it is important to know what a GemTube can do for you before you invest in a complete system!

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Our core team

Dr. Eugene Roebroeck
Dr. Eugene RoebroeckFounder, Owner and CEO
Sander Hazewinkel LL.M
Sander Hazewinkel LL.MFounder, Owner and CCO
Dr. Jeroen de Vree
Dr. Jeroen de Vree

LGem’s original founders  also include prof. dr. ir. René Wijffels, Professor at Wageningen University and ir. Obbo Hazewinkel.

We stay lean and closely collaborate with partners like Schott and Georg Fischer for component supply and RLM Benelux for installation.

This flexible way of operation allows us to easily scale up and adept at affordable prices.

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