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We design and manufacture tailormade and turnkey microalgae photobioreactors that are scalable and easy to operate

We customize our innovative basic modular system according to your wishes and budget. We deliver all over the world.

Being one of the key pioneers resulted in patented solutions that truly distinguish our GemTubes™ from other tubular PBRs.

We’re proud of what Wavywind™ and Bubblebrush™ contribute to microalgae cultivation.

Our core competence includes the design of both the technical details as well as the biochemical process. Our experience is at your disposal.
We cooperate with leading firms for the supply of components and the installation.

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Why LGem

  • Stabile and reliable system
    Robust, proven technology with a track record.
  • Low cost of ownership
    Low energy consumption (< 150 W / m3) and no loss of water.
  • High output
    High growth rates, biomass concentration and purity levels.
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Opportunities for microalgae are great;
we want to contribute to their sustainable cultivation

What others say; feedback matters to us

“I very much appreciate the flexibility of the LGem photobioreactor: it can be run with a centrifugal pump,
by air (or other gases), or by combining both. The flexibility of the design allowed me to run it under
different conditions for different algae-based processes.
This level of flexibility is not common in other photobioreactors.”

Miguel Olaizola, Miguel worked with our system at Synthetic Genomics in Calipatria.

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