High yield, low cost

LGem is the first Dutch company to use closed photobioreactors to produce microalgae on a commercial scale. Since 2007 freeze-dried algae powder has been produced and sold all over the world as a food supplement. The innovative cultivation process has been steadily improved, resulting in a stable, robust and easy-to-operate production platform. In 2009, GF Piping Systems joined the development team, introducing new components. As a result of this fruitful collaboration, the tubular PBR has evolved into a cleverly designed system, with low operating costs. Top quality made affordable without compromises.
All piping components of the PBR system products, ensuring highest possible quality for growing various algae strains. Essential elements have been patented.

Our advantages over conventional tubular PBRs

The LGEM-PBR technology can be adapted to your individual PBR plant design, even large scale operations. The advantages of the GemTube system and its unique technology are:

• Prevention of fouling by using our revolutionary Bubblebrush technology;
• No growth inhibition as a result of excessive amounts of dissolved oxygen;
• Very large tube lengths are possible, efficient and unlimited upscaling;
• Extremely low energy consumption (< 200 W/m3); option to operate even without a circulation pump
  for fragile species (–> “dual operation mode”);
• Very thin-walled tubes and simple jointing contribute to easy installation and outstanding costperformance
• Simple and robust process control (optional remote control), just pH control in the basic version;
• Easy to operate and to clean via CIP, low operating costs;
• Efficient use of available light as a result of the Wavywind effect, resulting in a light-dark cycle under 1 Hertz;
• > 5 years life expectancy for use in greenhouses (not for outdoor solutions);
• Very high productivity due to short downtimes for maintenance/cleaning; CIP cleaning;
• We offer training in order to achieve our production standards and yield.